Pace of development

Pace of development

The Central Government has asked the Governor’s administration to remove all the bottlenecks in the developmental projects of J&K State and restart all he stalled projects as they have been assured liberal funding by the Central agencies.

Recently Chief Secretary made it clear that capital won’t be a constraint to transform the State’s developmental landscape, as the Government of India is liberal in devolution of resources to the State. He has asked his administration to focus on improving operational efficiency of spending and timely submission of utilization certificates; you will see seamless flow of funds for development.

He said the Government of India is more than willing to walk extra-mile in making available adequate resources to J&K for developmental initiatives to spur the State’s socio-economic growth. Government will have show the capacity and the motivation to spend these funds productively within the set timelines He said the joint review meetings shall not only address the bottlenecks and resource availability, but also ensure on-the-spot decisions on such issues which otherwise keep on lingering for want of timely decision thus hampering the overall developmental process.

Progress on PMDP projects, advancement of school education system in the state through technological interventions, opening of new KendriyaVidyalyas and Jawahar NavodayaVidyalyas in uncovered areas, progress on skill development front under Himayat, Udaan and Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana, construction of accommodation for migrant employees, disbursement of relief to displaced persons, construction of bunkers along the border, financial assistance to the victims of violence, recruitment in new IRP, Women Police and Border Police battalions and engagement of SPOs.

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