Dineshwar Sharma missing

Dineshwar Sharma missing

The latest interlocutor appointed by Union Government to listen to the grievances of people of Jammu and Kashmir has been missing from all the three regions, perhaps only getting his salary from the government as the BJP-led NDA government at the Centre does not want to show itself going soft on Kashmir as the elections are round the corner.

When we look back at the year 2018 which is one month short to come to an end, it has been a year of hope and tragedies in Kashmir and finally showing the signs that the Central Government will not go for carrot and stick policy to deal with Kashmir in the year of 2019.

Soon after ULB elections were over, the State Governor decided to hold Panchayat elections also and in this direction, he has given a free hand to anti-insurgency grid to go ahead and kill as many as militants they can before the government will decide to hold assembly elections. Govenror also dissolved the House without any tangible reason and left more questions than answers for the political parties by his decision.

Dineshwar Sharma soon after being appointed as the latest point-man for the Kashmir resolution met lot of delegations in all the three regions and claimed that the Union Government has been acting on his reports how to handle Kashmir situation. In the past few months, Dineshwar Sharma is completely out of from the focus of media and there is no word from any new channel from New Delhi about his address.

In this year so far government forces have killed the highest number of militants in Kashmir Valley since ten years. Official representative of the Central Government to look for ways and means to end the crisis, J&K State had it all during the year 2018, but in the past few months he is missing.

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