Altaf Bukhari seconds Omar Abdullah on single party govt

Altaf Bukhari seconds Omar Abdullah on single party govt

Srinagar: Senior PDP leader and former finance minister Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari on Tuesday seconded the opinion of National Conference vice president Omar Abdullah who called for a decisive mandate in the upcoming Assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir for return of single party Government era in the State.

“I personally believe that Kashmir has suffered a lot because of coalition politics that started since 2002. The results of coming assembly elections shall have a huge bearing on the stability and all-round development of the State,” Bukhari said in a statement, adding that he leaves it to the conscience of people to choose and vote for any political party of their choice that can safeguard State’s socio-political interests and deliver the best.

The statement further reads “It is my personal experience that coalition government is actually less democratic as the balance of power is inevitably held by the small parties who can barter their support for concessions from the main groups within the coalition. This means that a party with little popular support is able to impose its policies upon the majority by a process of political blackmail.”

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