From Last 9 Years, Health Department failed to update contact list

From Last 9 Years, Health Department failed to update contact list

Srinagar : The distastefulness and apathy of the health department is evident as the said department haven’t updated the website profile since 2011 and hence resulting in the suffering of the common masses.

Kashmir News Bureau research team found that the numbers on website of the health department are of the retired officers. At times when every nation is making the use of the internet facility to keep the common masses updated about that changes in the department and and their future strategies but the concerned department didn’t have bothered to change the contact profile on their website.

Mushtaq Ahmed local talking to KNB said, “I have been trying from last few days to contact the concerned department to appeal the Director of Health Department regarding issue in the hospital in the locality and searched it the number through website , on contacting the number issued through website as Deputy Director health department he told that he had retired back in 2011, which indicates the carelessness of health department ,,

When Kashmir News Bureau contacted Dr Mohd Abdullah former deputy director, he said “I came retired in 2010 and my number is still on the website and has not been changed since 2010 – 2011.”

He added the concerned department should have updated the website ,so people can avail.” (KNB)

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