Despite bus stand, Kulgam in traffic mess

Despite bus stand, Kulgam in traffic mess

By: Javaid Malik

Kulgam: Recently Government spent huge money for the construction of new bus stand at Laroo Kulgam for the better management of traffic to and fro. The bus stand has not been made functional due to the reasons only known to the district authorities. As present, in the main Kulgam town there is logjam and it takes hours for any private vehicle to pass through this junction.

The public transport system is also in mess and due to lack of smooth functioning of traffic on the street of Kulgam, even the ambulances and the vehicles carrying patients have to wait for hours to get out of this traffic mess. The unfortunate part of this tragedy with Kulgam is that even the civil society and the local politicians have failed to get the new bus stand functional so that there is smooth traffic on the roads of main Kulgam town.

The people of the area have appealed district authorities and Divisional Commissioner Kashmir to intervene and take steps so that there is smooth functioning of traffic and people are saved from spending hours in traffic jams.

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