Dal is dying

Dal is dying

J&K Lakes and Waterways Development Authority (LAWDA) is optimistic to restore world famous Dal Lake to its original glory by 2020, but environmentalists and scientists present a grim picture and claim that Dal is dying slowly and is not on the path of recovery. This lake would be by and large restored to its original pristine glory, claim the LAWDA officials. Researchers conducted on Dal conservation are not satisfied with the work of LAWDA, like other scientists of Kashmir, who have done such researches in the past.

Degrading catchments of Dal and Nageen Lakes pose a major threat and the government has yet to focus on it, many of the watchers of Dal Lake have said. LAWDA while acknowledging this threat says that they have started plantation in the catchment area of these lakes and have planted hundreds of trees. The action plan for the catchment area includes treatment package for the Conservation and Scientific Management of Dal Lake.

Despite the claims of LAWDA environmentalists say that Dal would not be restored unless people from the lake are not rehabilitated out the lake, similarly they say that sewerage treatment is also slow and hundreds of drains still flow directly into this lake. The sewerage treatment plants installed around Dal Lake are not working upto the mark according to the scientists who are closely associated with the conservation of this world famous lake.

We have been hearing from the authorities that Dal Lake would be restored to its original glory, but it seems that even in the year 2020 we will be still waiting for such glory to be restored. The efforts of the authorities are not focused and even the Governor’s administration is not taking it as a priority to clean the lake and save it for future generations.

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