Sonamarg calling

Sonamarg calling

There has been a huge snowfall in Sonarmarg belt and snow is still covering lot of area in this famous health resort. With lot of water in the streams, Sonamarg needs special attention of the government in the coming summer as this health resort is still not fit for the tourists to come for night stay. Even in this month of May, there are lot of difficulties facing faced by the visitors and they have to leave by afternoon back due to non-available of basic facilities at this health resort.

The green bowl of Sonamarg meadow is a thing of past and the adjacent Thajiwas Glacier along with Thajiwas Wildlife Sanctuary is at the verge of extinction because of heavy rush of vehicles and human footfall during summers. Daily thousands of bottles and other waste material are finally finding their way into the gushing waters of Thajiwas Glacier as the authorities have allowed not only hundreds of vehicles inside the ecologically fragile Thajiwas Glacier, but it has put threat to the dwindling wildlife inside the Thajiwas Sanctuary. Himaliyan Wolf, Snow Leopard and Markhor are dwindling and we have not spotted them in this wildlife sanctuary in past few years.

Sonamarg health resort should be made functional without any further delay so that people can come and enjoy the night life in this area. There is still problem in the restoration of electric supply and even the water supply has not been fully resorted. Even the shopkeepers are facing difficulties to keep their business establishment open. The heavy snowfall in the previous winter has resulted in lot of accumulation of snow all along the route and the authorities have failed to clear the snow completely for the tourists and other visitors. Sonamarg should be resorted like Gulmarg on time so that this meadow of gold can be explored by the visitors without facing any difficulties.

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