Dal lake crisis

Dal lake crisis

If latest media reports are to be believed, hundreds of crores have gone down the drain in conservation of Dal lake project as the state administration is seriously looking for rehabilitation of Dal dwellers somewhere near the lake like Shalimar and Chandipora Harwan.

Recently, Governor’s administration is a big leap forward has decided to complete all the pending projects which have caught fire for the past so many years especially in Kashmir Valley. While the administration has been able to complete many of such pending projects, but the Dal Conservation Project is still facing lot of bottle necks due to some inherent problems being faced by the officials? One of the main problems is the rehabilitation of those families which are to be relocated outside the lake.

Dal project, funded by Central Government is a typical example of how the bureaucrats are playing with the projects in Kashmir. According to the media reports after a recent high level meeting, State administration has decided to identify land for the rehabilitation of Dal dwellers on the outskirts of the lake and have decided to abandoned the Rakh-e-Arth project for their rehabilitation even as so far 2000 families from Dal Lake have been rehabilitated in this area by the government.

Governor’s administration recently have tried to finish all the pending projects in J&K State including Dal Lake project and in this connection, they have found that the basic problem with the completion of project is the hundreds of families living within the lake who are refusing the shift to the government rehabilitation project at Rakh-e-Arth in District Budgam.

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