High woes

High woes

While the highway is continuing to be in focus in Kashmir Valley because of frequent landslides and also of the curbs by the government on the movement of civilian traffic. The new factor which is coming to the focus is the plight of those hundreds of drivers who come with truck loads of essential commodities from Jammu-Srinagar and also to Ladakh. In the recent media reports it has come to the notice that even after the highway is cleared for the traffic, hundreds of trucks are halted on the highway by the traffic authorities for days together and it results in lot of losses and also in delay for these trucks to reach to their respective destinations.

The government has been trying to streamline the traffic on highway due to the frequent closures by the landslides especially in the belt of Ramban to Udhampur. But the truckers have something else to say. They have been blaming the traffic authorities for the entire mess on the highway and they claim that they are being stopped for days together despite clearance of traffic by the authorities for the reasons known to them only.

In this holy month of Ramadan, Governor’s administration has failed to streamline the traffic on the highway and also to provide alternate routes truck loads of essential commodities to reach Kashmir and Ladkah regions. In such scenario, it is the duty of the administration to look into the real bottlenecks of this problem and save these hundreds of drivers who are coming to Kashmir and Ladakh with essential commodities from the exploitation of vested interests within the administration especially in the traffic police.

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