Hydro-electric projects

Hydro-electric projects

There has been very little head way in realizing the potential of Hydro-electric projects in Jammu and Kashmir State and most of such mega projects have been delayed. Even the State has yet to come in terms to regulate the power sector and for this purpose recently Governor’s administration inducted a new member as a technical member into J&K State Electricity Regulatory Commission (JKSERC).

The administration claimed that the new member has been inducted for providing the necessary inputs to the Government about the energy sector, its planning and also harnessing the other non-conventional resources for power generation. The administration is trying to make the commission to provide necessary inputs about the options of providing via media of dealing with new energy sources and also advise on other electricity and energy-related issues.

The Governor’s administration recently has taken stock of the hydro-electric projects under the process. In the recent past Governor’s administration has taken number of steps to know about the implementation of various hydro-electric power projects being undertaken by the Corporation in the Chenab Valley. Work is underway on the 1000 Mega Watt Pakal Dhul hydro-electric project and expressed hope that it would be completed within the stipulated time frame.

The status of execution of other projects i.e., 624 Mega Watt (MW) Keeru, 540 MW Kwar and 550 MW Dul Hasti stage II projects, was also discussed in the high level meetings of the administration.

The Governor’s administration is monitoring the pace of execution of these hydro-electric power projects. These projects once completed would make our state self sufficient in the generation of power besides the state would also be in a position to export power to other states.


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