Zojila Tunnel Project

Zojila Tunnel Project


Zojila Tunnel Project has yet to come out from the files of the Central Government and this working season will not be utilized for the construction of the Tunnel Project which will give all weather connectivity of Ladakh region with rest of the country.  Strategically important Zojila Tunnel Project is still caught in the tendering process again, as the authorities have yet to finalize the bidding process. According to the prominent citizens of Ladakh including the people connected with tourist trade, this working season is likely to wash out as the authorities after re-tendering process have yet to complete the evolution of financial and technical tenders.

There is likelihood that work would be executed on Zojila Tunnel in the next working season. The working season is very limited for the Zojila Tunnel Project as it starts in the month of May and can be stretched only upto October 15, if weather permits. Zojila Tunnel Project was given to M/S IL&FS Transportation Network Limited and it started even the execution of the project. They completed about 12 percent of ground work and left the contract. Soon after National Highways and Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (NHIDCL) started the re-tendering process and it is still going on. According to the officials connected with the project, it will take few months more for finalizing the contract as due to the very difficult terrain, not many bidders have come forward to complete the project.

Prime Minister Narindra Modi laid the foundation stone of the project on May 19, 2018 last year and assured the nation that due to the national security in mind, this project would be completed as soon as possible. Having strategic and socio-economic importance for Ladakh region, all weather connectivity for this region will be very important to keep check on China and Pakistan.

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