Arrival of Interlocutor

Arrival of Interlocutor

After the gap of seven months Central Interlocutor Dineshwar Sharma who is a former intelligence chief recently was back in the Valley and has started fresh channels of communication with all the stakeholders in Kashmir to see the waters of dialogue and their depth. Dineshwar Sharma has come with a brief from the Central Government to test the waters and see how much of inclination is left in the separatist camp to go for the dialogue without any conditions.

Previously all the separatist leaders have rejected to talk to Dineshwar Sharma when he was appointed as point-man by New Delhi by then Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh. The mission of Dineshwar Sharma was declared as flop by some New Delhi based media channels after separatists refused to talk to him. But Dineshwar Sharma did not say no to his mission and continued to come to Kashmir Valley and held talk’s cross section of people including meeting delegations in the rural areas of Kashmir especially in South Kashmir. While talking with youth Dineshwar Sharma suggested many policy changes to the Central Government and many of his recommendations were accepted by them and it led to lot of relief to the youth in jails and interrogations centres.

Finally when Narindra Modi swept the elections and came back with a huge majority, new Union Home Minister Amit Shah started his own mission Kashmir with eye on history. Amit Shah has briefed Dineshwar Sharma and State Governor Satya Pal Malik asking them to engage as many as segments of society in J&K State to look for peace and resolution of the crisis. Inspite of his efforts on ground, State Governor Satya Pal Malik has not been able to cut much ice on the ground despite the fact he has opened lot of communication channels with youth and it has resulted in huge change. State Governor has been able to give access to the common people to Raj Bhawan and in return it has led to curbing of corruption in many ways as the youth have complained to him directly and the change of guard in the J&K Bank is an example of that.

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