Hydro, Solar Power in J&K

Hydro, Solar Power in J&K

There is a huge potential for garnering hydro-electric potential of Jammu and Kashmir State and in the recent past solar power is also being generated at certain places, but not at the speed it deserves. Recently Governor’s administration has decided to speed up the process and have set new deadlines for the tendering processes to be completed.

In this direction recently State Administrative Council met and took note of the status report submitted by the Power Development Department (PDD) regarding development of Hydroelectric and Solar Power Projects in the State. SAC in February, 2019 had mandated the PDD to execute the Hydro and Solar Power Projects above 02 MWs and upto 2MWs to Science & Technology Department.

13 Small HEPs of 2MW to 10MW capacity with an aggregate capacity of 112.5 MW had been identified by JAKEDA for implementation through EPC mode under PMDP-2015.  These projects are at various stages of bidding process.  The JAKEDA has allotted work for survey, investigation and preparation of DPRs 2 MW-10 MW capacities. The survey and investigation for 40 potential Hydro Power sites has been completed. The Pre-Feasibility Report (PFR) has been finalized and DPRs are under preparation.

Also Pre-Feasibility Report (PFR) for 4 locations in Basohli Tehsil, District Kathua with a cumulative capacity of 60 MW has also been prepared.  JKSPDC has initiated 20 Small Hydro projects in 2016-17 including 10 under PMDP-Phase-I, 10 under PMDP-Phase-II. These projects with aggregate capacity of 371.10 MW are at various stages of DPR preparation/tendering.

SAC also took note of the status of HEPs being implemented under the State Sector (9 projects of aggregate capacity 3584.5 MWs), Joint Venture (4 projects of aggregate capacity 3014 MWs) and IPP (12 projects of aggregate capacity 160.5 MWs).  SAC directed the PDD to complete the tendering process for all projects with capacity above 10 MW by 31.12.2019. SAC also directed the PDD to complete the tendering process for 13 Projects in the range of 2-10 MW, whose DPRs have been prepared by 31.12.2019.

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