Safety of students

Safety of students

In the recent past State administration has issued several notifications and instructions to the concerned wings of the government for the safety of the students especially in the backdrop of recent bus accidents in which several students were also killed.

Recently Deputy Commissioner Srinagar met representatives of private schools association of Srinagar seeking updates about compliance with June 26 order directing schools to ensure strict adherence to bus safely rules.  The DC while reiterating the instructions of the order impressed upon the representatives to ensure all schools put in place all requisite arrangements for safe transportation of students to and from schools as instructed in the order.

He also discussed other relevant aspects and issues surrounding school transportation in the district. On the request of the association the district administration also agreed to convene a committee for fixation of school bus transportation charges in the district.  The need for schools having their own fleet of buses replacing vans hired for transportation of students was also emphasized to the schools association representatives during the meeting. The schools were in the meantime asked to furnish lists of vans used for transportation of students so that a formal notification can be issued permitting utilisation of such vehicles under the commercial category.

It is notable that all schools in the district have been instructed to adhere to bus safety rules as per the Supreme Court guidelines about it. The order in this regard issued on June 26 has directed all schools in the district to submit a report indicating compliance with instructions by July 15. It stated that school principals will ensure compliance with all relevant rules and Supreme Court guidelines and will be responsible for violations or non-compliance in this regard.

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