Drainage work from Saida Kadal to Ashai Bagh, is a goldmine for LAWDA officials.

Drainage work from Saida Kadal to Ashai Bagh, is a goldmine for LAWDA officials.

By Mudasir Ahmad Khan

Srinagar: Under the garb of getting material like cement, sand for the drainage work going on from Saida Kadal to Ashai Bagh area, illegal constructions for the dozens of structures on both sides of the road in Dal and Nigeen Lakes is going on.

Respectable of the area and the people having concern for the environment said that LAWDA official were allegedly collecting money from the illegal constructions and said in the past few weeks more than hundred structures have been built by the people without any permission.

Giving details of how the material is reaching in no construction zone, they said that in the name of contractor, passes are being issued to all the truck loads of the material including bricks while as the drainage work does not need any bricks. They said that huge money has been allegedly collected by the LAWDA officials from these people who are busy in the constructions.

When contacted LAWDA officials claimed that they have no information about the works going on and assured that they will dismantle all the illegal constructions.

Already right from Saida Kadal up to the Ashai Bagh bridge on both sides of the road going to Dargah Hazratbal, more than 50 new shops have been constructed in the recent past along with houses. Most of these shops are doing the business of joinery and whatever is coming out from their shops is being used to fill the lake waters and make land mass.  This is going on and it has increased in the Governors rule.

The people of the area have appealed stated Governor Satya Pal Malik to instructed LAWDA officials to stop these illegal constructions in this area of Dal and Nigeen Lakes. The people have further appealed the Governor either to personally visit the area and see what is going on or send some high officials so that these two water bodies are saved from further constructions being done under the garb of drainage work in the area.

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