Harassment of women

Harassment of women

In the recent past Srinagar administration has tried to address many public issues, but there seems very little impact of their efforts on the ground. In order to address the complaints by the women in the Government transport, the deputy Commissioner of Srinagar recently held a meeting to discuss the issue of harassment of women in public transport.  The measures that need to be taken to prevent it — like creating awareness about what constitutes harassment and taking prompt and strict action against instances thereof.

The need for a mechanism that encourages women to speak out against and report instances of sexual harassment on public transport and the importance of the administration taking strict actions which will act as deterrence and help prevent it.  The need for spreading awareness about what harassment means and an effective response mechanism, needs to be given media coverage.

The need for training of police personnel and drivers and conductors and having a helpline in place that will help at all times and in all circumstances was also emphasized by the officials during such meetings.

The government will have to do more to stop the women harassment not only in the transport system, but also at the work places both in private and government. In this direction, there should be proper monitoring of all the complaints lodged by women against such harassment. The government will have to balance the act by providing the mechanism so that the males are not harassed on false complaints.

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