Government accommodation

Government accommodation


Governor’s administration has decided to evict all the illegal occupants of government accommodation and in this direction an order has been issued by virtue of which, heavy penal rents would be imposed on all unauthorized occupants with immediate effect.

Estates Department has been directed to evict all the government accommodation from the illegal occupants.  As per the SoP, if the official accommodation is not vacated by the occupant within one week of the issuance of final eviction notice, penal rent five times of the prescribed rent shall be charged for the first month of the overstay. If the accommodation is not vacated after the expiry of first month, the penal rent 10 times of the prescribed rent shall be charged for the next two months. If the accommodation is not vacated even after three months, the enhanced penal rent 20 times or as per market rates in vogue to be worked out by Public Works (R&B) Department, whichever is higher, shall be charged.

It is relevant to mention here that a number of illegal occupants of Estates accommodation have neither vacated the official accommodation occupied by them nor responded to the communications/notices issued by the Estates department from time to time. The illegal occupation of Government accommodation also infringes upon the rights of the other genuine claimants, who are in need of government accommodation for smooth discharge of their duties. However, the continued unauthorized occupation of Government accommodation creates avoidable difficulties for the Estates Department in providing accommodation to such bonafide employees.




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