Cooperatives of JK


Cooperative movement in Jammu and Kashmir is very old but the results are very low on the ground as the government has not been able to make Cooperatives   a vibrant, profit making and leading service provider organization.

In rural areas of Jammu and Kashmir cooperatives have been working but their growth has not been healthy. They have not been able to make these institution profit making organizations and have failed to grow according to the changing times.

The government has been trying to make cooperative movement a success and in this direction recently one of the advisors of Lt. Governor Murmu held meeting and tried to take stock of the situation about the growth of cooperatives. He said the Government’s role in Cooperatives was only as a facilitator and the people being the sole guardian of these societies. He impressed upon the stakeholders to work with dedication adding that there is need for enforcing accountability in the system to enhance its performance.

He directed the concerned heads of the cooperatives to meet the set timelines for compiling data of the assets and properties and other works. There have been lot of complaints against the heads of the cooperatives and in various rural areas of Jammu and Kashmir they have lot of assets and properties and they can be used to generate money and make the cooperatives a success story in the villages.

He stressed upon the department to expand the Super Bazars, saying these utility stores have immense scope to grow. In most of the towns and prominent villages of Jammu and Kashmir, these super bazaars cannot only make the villagers happy but will provide them with the essential commodities at the reasonable rates. They can also make the cooperatives in the respect areas more profit making. The demand of utility stores in the villages of Jammu and Kashmir to be open by the cooperatives is only increasing.

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