Horticulture sector



Horticulture sector has started lot of schemes for the farmers especially in Jammu region and recently the Department organized one day farmers’ awareness camp at Dhataryal Panchayat Ghar block Marh.

While addressing the camp, CHO Jammu exhorted on availing incentives on departmental Schemes under CAPEX and CSS. He explained in detailed the incentives available on Area Expansion Programme, Creation of water Sources including Dug well/ Deep Bore well, Water Harvesting Tanks, Protected Cultivation, Tools and Implements, Power Tillers, Tractors, Vermi Compost Units, On Farm Handling Units and other components which will positively raise the economic status of the farming community.

In Jammu region horticulture is growing and many farmers have started the business of producing litchi. One litchi plant of 15 years of age produces litchi worth 5-6 thousand rupees and if 100 such plants are planted in one hector area, income of 5-6 lakh can be assured. People are earning handsomely from litchi plantation and the same thing can be replicated in Jammu region as well.

To plant new grape vines, integrated approach should be adopted by the farmers in Jammu region so that they can earn lot of money from these plantation. The fruit crops in Jammu region need lot of care and horticulture department has given lot of awareness and knowhow to the farmers to save their crops from the diseases.

In Jammu region apart from litchi and grapes other fruit trees can also be planted and the awareness camps for the farmers can play an important role for the change of crops by the farmers so that they switch over to money earning crops.  He also stressed upon to adopt integrated approach while planting Horticulture crops.



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