Water is life


Water is life and this fact has dawned on every citizen after the central government gave priority for the pure water to be given to every household. The central government has announced slew of schemes for this purpose and are trying to preserve the water bodies and other sources of water.

In Kashmir valley the government has to do very little to preserve the sources of drinking water. At the village level the administration will have to provide funds to the panchayats for the preservation of sources of water including springs. Thousands of springs have been blocked due to the negligence of villagers in Kashmir valley and it needs very little money to preserve them back so that drinking is supplied to different villages for the future.

The spring water in the hilly areas of Kashmir is still one of the mains sources of drinking water but due to the official apathy and the callous attitude of the villagers hundreds of such sources of pure drinking water have disappeared. The local villagers can retrieve these springs with very little money and the administration should become responsive and leave it to the panchayats to retrieve these sources of water without any further delay.

But some corrupt officials and contractors are trying to avoid such low cost method of preservation of the springs in hilly areas of Kashmir and also at the village level. Instead of retrieving springs they are trying to bring in focus ground water sources and are very keen to provide bore wells to the villagers instead retrieving springs. In such an atmosphere it is a duty of Lt Governor Murmu to have focus on retrieving the springs in the hilly and rural areas of Kashmir so that people in future do not have the shortage of pure drinking water.

The new methods to retrieve the old springs in Kashmir need very little money and it would add to the water bank already with the government and can play important role for future.

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