More envoys to come

More envoys to come

According to media reports, central government is mulling to send more foreign diplomats to Jammu and Kashmir in order allay their fears about the ground situation as being presented outside. In this direction, these reports said that the government is making preparations to organise a second visit of diplomats, including several European Ambassadors to visit Srinagar and Jammu in coming days.

These reports further said that about 20 to 25 envoys from “different geographical regions” are being invited to join the delegation. This would another effort by the central government especially by the foreign ministry to allow diplomats to visit newly formed Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir to get the feel of the situation on ground.

In the recent past both central government and the army chief have said that situation in Jammu and Kashmir has improved and the levels of violence have gone down. The situation is not as grave as being presented in a section of media especially in foreign media, recently external affairs ministry said.

The another, round of diplomats, visiting Jammu and Kashmir is being viewed as part of the efforts of the central government to allow the foreign diplomats to visit Kashmir and have the assessment of the ground situation.

There would be lot of preparations for their visit as many of the envoys would be from the European countries. Most of the opposition parties have been claiming that the central government is not allowing their own parliament members from opposition to visit Kashmir but are allowing foreign envoys to visit.

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