Corona in Ladakh

Corona in Ladakh

Government has rightly acted by declaring closure of all educational institutions in Srinagar Jammu and Ladakh including schools, colleges and all universities till March 31. In Ladakh, third person has tested positive as more cases are under surveillance and their tests are awaited.

With lot of panic and scare in Jammu and Kashmir, local administration on recently not only closed all educational institutions and even the private tuition centers. Director NHM Bhupinder Kumar, while briefing media said that people should take all the precaution and avoid huge assemblies in order to avoid coronavirus infection.

In Ladakh region authorities and doctors are fighting it back as after third person has tested positive they have started keeping all their family members and friends under surveillance. Most of such people have travel history of visiting infected countries including Iran.

Family members of all the three positive cases have been also moved to the isolation centre at Heart Foundation Hospital. Reports from Ladakh said that most of the patients who are under surveillance and have tested positive belong to Chushot Gongma village, where lot of people have gone to Iran and returned back last month.

In the Union Territory of Ladakh, the authorities have started screening the suspects and in Kargil district hundreds of people having the travel history of Iran in the recent past have been kept under surveillance. Authorities have said that so far in Kargil district no patient or suspect has been declared as corona virus positive so far.

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