Uncertain Highway

Uncertain Highway

Srinagar-Jammu national highway is closed from Friday last due to landslides in dozen of places from Ramban to Banihal sector. With news of inclement weather, there is nothing to cheer about for the people of Kashmir, as it means more disruptions in coming days.

It is now a new normal that highway remained closed for days together and hundreds of truck loads with essential commodities remain stranded on this highway.

With more rains predicted, Srinagar-Jammu highway is becoming the most uncertain roads connecting Kashmir with rest of the world. At present 800 truckloads laden with essential items are stranded and most of the fruits, vegetables etc. have perished on the road.

Administration in UT of Jammu and Kashmir is already having a huge challenge, due to COVID-19 virus. In such circumstances, supply chain in Kashmir valley is already disrupted and closure of highway is only adding to the problems of common people.

It is the duty of government to keep the supply chain going especially in the wake of present lockdown enforced in Kashmir due to the COVID-19 virus threat. If the authorities will fail to keep essential items available in Kashmir valley as we heavily bank upon such supplies from outside, it would be a disaster on the ground here.

People are already facing lot of problems while remaining indoors due to the non-availability of essential items in their localities.

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