Supreme Court has reserved the Judgment over the petition filed by an NGO for the restoration of 4G services in Kashmir valley amid COVID-19 pandemic. JK administration and Union Government have pleaded in the court that it is was necessary to keep curbs on the high speed internet in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir as otherwise it will lead to more violence and disorder.

While Supreme Court in its January 2020, judgment has described right to internet as fundamental right, people of Kashmir especially students and doctors are waiting for the judgment of Supreme Court in this matter.

Is the ban on internet services really helping the security establishment on the ground is a question being asked by many intellectual and serious circles here. The recent increase in violence especially in North Kashmir is showing that despite ban on 4G services, militancy related incidents along with border shelling are only increasing.

In this context, it would be very interesting to watch the judgment of Supreme Court as both the government and the NGO which has submitted the plea for the restoration of 4G services have given enough grounds both for restoration and for curbs on the internet in Kashmir valley.

The way security establishment has beefed up security and deployed more troops on the borders it seems that the plea before the Supreme Court that 4G services is a threat to national security may not stand the ground.

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