After Aga Roohullah virtually asks Tanvir Sadiq to stop begging for resumption of political process, Omar Abdullah intervenes

After Aga Roohullah virtually asks Tanvir Sadiq to stop begging for resumption of political process, Omar Abdullah intervenes


Srinagar, May 26, KNT: The rift between two National Conference stalwarts has forced Omar Abdullah to intervene who in his latest tweets tried to downplay the matter. Omar’s tweets appeared after Aga Syed Roohullah omitted ‘NC Spokesperson’ from his Twitter bio.

Aga Roohullah told News Agency KNT that it is his personal Twitter Account and that is why he dropped the tag line of NC Chief Spokesperson. “A party can issue statements from the headquarter. It is my personal account and let it remain personal,” Roohullah said.

It all started when another NC leader Tanvir Sadiq in his opinion piece to a Kashmir based Daily showed eagerness about the beginning of political process in Kashmir.

“As a starting point let all political prisoners arrested post Aug 5 be released, revisit domicile law & lift all curbs on internet. Let the end of the pandemic & the beginning of the political process be run along parallel lines,” Tanvir Sadiq maintained.

Tanvir Sadiq said there are issues that can perhaps be dealt with the resuming of the political process. “While it was anguishing to hear the detention of former & first lady Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti, Ali Mohammad Sagar, Shah Feasal has been extended for another 3 months other political leaders like Sajad Lone, Hilal Lone, Nayeem Akhter, Sartaj Madni, Waheed Para and Peerzada Mansoor continue to be under detention. Nothing have they done or said in any way justifies the way they are being incarcerated. Moreover, the latest Domicile Order as well as Procedure is also grossly inappropriate and unethical in as much as when everyone including the people of Jammu and Kashmir are in complete lockdown fighting for survival against Coronavirus.”

NC Chief Spokesperson aga Roohullah reacted sharply to the ideas put forth by Tanvir Sadiq. His words virtually made it clear that National Conference should not beg for the resumption of political process.

“Revisit” domicile law?Lift curbs on Internet? “LET” political process be run?
Is that all what you are looking for in this reconciliation? If I am not reading wrong,you are basically asking for 4G and THEIR ‘PERMISSION’ to let us start the political process? & then all is well?” Roohullah asked Sadiq.

He added that he is crrently under house detention and is honestly ready to be taken to a prison after what he says. “But I would never ask them to “LET” us. When you ask them to “let” us, it will naturally be on their terms.”

A National Conference leader who also faced detention after the abrogation of special status in Jammu and Kashmir last year told KNT on condition of anonymity that Tanvir’s opinion piece was his personal one in which he virtually asked Government of India to start political process after Covid-19 Pamdemic is over while Roohullah was offended as he doesn’t want party to forget the abrogation of Article 370 and talk about domicile law.

In a bid to reconcile both Sadiq and Roohullah, Omar Abdullah tweeted that both are valued colleagues & friends. “As far as I’m concerned that are both entitled to an opinion & to disagree with each other. Neither’s views, expressed in a private capacity, change the stand NC has taken in the SC & outside regarding 5th Aug.”

He further said that: “Beyond that we are a democratic party & we value all shades of opinion within our wider family though sometimes it’s better to discuss them amongst ourselves before we decide to make them public. I’ve burnt my hands a few times by not following my own advice.”

Omar Abdullah also cleared the air about his Delhi visit saying that there is nothing political about his visit. “I needed a change of scene & some medical follow ups & that’s why I’m here.” (KNT)

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