More Delay

More Delay

Past ten months have seen students in Kashmir valley witnessing disruptive educational system. When they were hoping to go to the educational institutions in the month of March, COVID-19 lockdown closed all windows such opportunities for them.

According to the latest directions of UT administration, all educational and training institutions will remain closed in Jammu and Kashmir till June 15 as part of steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

An order to this effect was issued on Friday by Rohit Sharma, Additional Secretary to the Government.

As there is surge in COVID-19 cases across Jammu and Kashmir authorities are delaying opening the educational institutions.

Student community in Jammu and Kashmir have been appealing authorities either to open the educational institution or lift the curbs on high speed internet in order to save their academic session of the current year.

Virtual class rooms have being disruptive for the students as they could not avail this opportunity due to low speed internet. UT administration has decided not to lift the curbs on high speed internet sighting growing violence and protests as a reason for it.

In such atmosphere of uncertainty, students of Jammu and Kashmir want to go back to their classrooms, but unfortunately continuing COVID lockdown is keeping them indoor.

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