In this current month of June 2020, there have been frequent hailstorms in many parts of Kashmir valley ranging from North Kashmir to South Kashmir.

In such a situation, with people being at the receiving end with no business horticulture sector has been hit again by the hailstorms and they have demanded survey and compensation.

 In this direction Jammu and Kashmir Apni Party (JKAP) leaders expressed serious concern over losses suffered by farmers and orchardists due to hailstorm, gusty winds and torrential rains in North Kashmir.

In a recent statement these leaders urged the government to order immediate assessment of losses and provide compensation to the affected farmers and orchardists of Baramulla and Kupwara districts.

They have urged the government to depute teams consisting of revenue, agriculture, horticulture officials and experts to assess losses caused to farms and orchards in various parts of the North Kashmir districts..

The leaders said that the government has so far failed to provide insurance and financial support to farmers and orchardists in the events of crop damages due to natural calamities including severe weather conditions.

The compensation should be fixed immediately for all those farmers who have been hit by the hailstorm so that the horticulture sector and the traders connected with it can at least plan their survival as they have been suffering losses in the past one year without any government intervention.

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