In this current hot summer, rains have been very less witnessed in Kashmir valley and Ladakh region. Due to the lack of rainfall, even the drinking water chain available in Srinagar and other parts of Kashmir has been impacted.

Less rains during the summer months also resulted in less volume of water in the water reservoir with the result there is deficiency of water in various water filtration plants.

In this monsoon season no rainfall or less rainfall leaves an adverse impact on the agriculture sector.

Already confronting a shortage of workforce, worries are ahead for the farmers of J&K as the Union Territory is “going to face the worst-ever monsoon rainfall deficit” this year.

First time after so many years, the UTs of J&K and Ladakh have recorded lowest-ever rainfall in July despite the fact that it was much above normal in June.

The prediction of deficit monsoon rainfall was made by none other than Sonam Lotus, Director of the Meteorological Department, J&K.

“In contrast to most states of India, there’s deficit monsoon rainfall in both UTs. Not good news. No forecast of any major rainfall activity in coming days. Seems have to wait a little longer. Let’s keep fingers crossed anyway,” Lotus informed through social media.

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