Residents of Ladakh region even after one year of being declared as Union Territory have not received any new laws for governance from the Centre. One year has already passed. People of Ladakh want new laws for the protection of their land, jobs and cultural identity.

According to the latest media reports, new domicile law for Ladakh and other new laws for their protection of identity, land and environment were at the final stage at the Union Home Ministry.

In such an atmosphere of uncertainty, people of Ladakh have genuine fears about the moves of the Centre towards them, especially about their land.

People in Leh and Kargil are under the impact of uncertainty as the central government has not made any new domicile law, or for the preservation of jobs to local youth.

After August 5, 2019, declaration that people of Ladakh will feel free in the new Union Territory to be directly controlled by the central government without legislature, there is no visible change either on ground or in the minds of people living there.

The exclusion of Ladakhi youth from the employment opportunity from the recent recruitment process of J&K Bank triggered protest and shutdown recently in the entire UT of Ladakh.

According to the reports from Leh and Kargil, people are filled with suspicion especially youth even a year after being declared as a separate Union Territory, no laws have been framed for the preservation of their distinct identity etc.

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