The Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been very vocal blaming the government for devastating the economy of Jammu and Kashmir and making a huge chunk of population poor by keeping people indoors for months together.

Comparing the unlock of Mumbai city with Srinagar KCCI in a long statement recently said, “A population of more than 2 Crores living in an area of 603 sq km as compared to Srinagar’s population of around 17 lakhs in an area of 294 sq km.

 A six times higher population density of 33,168 persons per sq km as compared to 5,782 persons per sq km in Srinagar. On 3rd of August, 2020 the BMC has allowed all shops – essential and non-essential – to open all day except in containment zones. Only theatres, food courts, in-house dining in restaurants, bars and gaming zones, street vendors and hawkers, continue to be prohibited.

There are currently around 700 containment zones in Mumbai but unlike in Srinagar, they mostly consist of individual buildings and chawls/slums. Here, the administration cannot be bothered to stop tweeting and identify individual houses.

With six times the population density, gradual opening of business establishments and the population being allowed much more movement, the infection rate of around 2.65 percent not been seen as a very successful operation but speaks volumes about the intent of the  Maharashtra Government to provide avenues of livelihood and it’s concern for the welfare of the public”.

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