People feel that administration in Jammu and Kashmir after being directly controlled by Union Home Ministry is not listening to common voices and have tried to insulate themselves from common masses.

Recently KCCI in a long statement while blaming the government for muzzling the economy under its feet said that the officers of the administration were enjoying life and playing golf.

KCCI said that while the entire population was forced to live within their four walls officers were enjoying life and playing golf. KCCI said, “The Royal Springs Golf Course (RSGC) which had been closed till May was opened up for play in June. This coincided with the Government’s announcement of shifting of the Durbar to Srinagar and with the Royal who-is-who keen on its remaining open; it has been ensured that it remains open since.

Even when the District Magistrate declared curfew in Srinagar on the 4th and 5th of August, when a majority of beleaguered 17 lacs people were caged behind fancy barriers and barbed wire, the RSGC was open and jam-packed. Apparently the jurisdiction of the District Magistrate ends at the gates of RSGC.

The KCCI would like to put on record that it is not against the opening of a Golf Course. It shows the Government’s concern for keeping their senior functionaries and powerful elite in a mentally and physically fit condition. Had their salaries and privileges been stopped since 13 months and their families’ very survival under threat, we doubt that they would be hitting their shots as beautifully. But on closer inspection, we realize that it is not Golf which is the issue; it is saying one thing and doing the opposite. It is about speaking empowerment and acting to the disempowered. The KCC&I have never shied away from appreciating decisions and policies of the Government wherever it merited appreciation and feel that as the voice of the business community it is equally a responsibility on our shoulders not to mince words while observing any departure in expectations from the Government”.

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