Government has decided to spend over Rs 350 crores for the government run schools in order to improve their infrastructure and other facilities.

Amid pandemic and closure of the schools from the past so many months, it seems baffling on the part of the government to do such spending on government schools as their rolls are only shrinking due to the poor performance of teachers in these schools.

According to media reports appearing recently, the JK Administration would provide about Rs 100 crore to the IT Department and the Science and Technology Department for establishing 224 Information Communication Technology (ICT) Labs and solar power plants in schools across Jammu and Kashmir.

There are at least 23,747 government schools in Jammu and Kashmir, including 12,252 in Kashmir division and 11,495 in Jammu province. To such a huge network of schools such funds are not sufficient but the core area should have been IT department and Science Technology. Government run schools not only need good infrastructure but also other facilities and on the top of it the government should ask its teachers to improve the class work and also the performance of the students.

Government schools are no option for any parent who can afford to provide the fee to his ward in a private school in J&K. Nothing is impossible to improve the performance of students in the government run schools.

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