Due to the continuous disruption in normal business activities in the past 13 months, Jammu and Kashmir is at the verge of economic depression. The losses are huge both financially and mentally.

Mental health is a matter of focus and concern for the health authorities as a good chunk of the population including children and women have remained indoors for all these months. Such restrictions on a human being has definitely an impact on mental health and in Kashmir valley due to the continuous turmoil of over 30 years, mental health is a huge issue yet to be addressed.

Coming back to the survival recently Kashmir Trade Alliance (KTA) said the five-month-long lockdown had dented the Valley’s economy by another Rs 21,000 crore and the total loss for the last one year has been around Rs 45,000 crore.

According to an online report released by the Trade Alliance, businesses in the Valley have suffered a total loss of Rs 21,320.64 crore in the last five months as a result of the lockdown imposed to contain the spread of the CODID-19 pandemic since March 18 this year.

The Alliance said the final and more detailed report will be released after the lockdown ends, as it has predicted more losses then what they have published so far.

The report was compiled after covering the daily trade and business, gross domestic product (GDP) for 2017-18 and the economic outlook, KTA said.

According to the report, the agriculture, horticulture, and floriculture sectors suffered a loss of Rs 942.4 crore during the five months of lockdown after being hit hard by the catastrophic downpour during the preceding winter.

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