It is becoming an issue in the entire Jammu and Kashmir how authorities have been able to issue 12.5 lakh domiciles in such a short duration of time amid pandemic.

While politicians have demanded a white paper over the issuance of domicile certificates in Jammu and Kashmir so far, administration in order to  keep the records straight told media recently that 99% of the 12.5 lakh domicile certificates issued so far have been given to former Permanent Resident Certificate owners of the erstwhile state.

Many politicians and mainstream political parties have already expressed their doubts about the issuance of such certificates in Jammu and Kashmir and want the administration to come clean on this matter.

Many of them including Former Union Minister Prof Saif-ud-din Soz told the media that it is a fraud and has dangerous consequences for the residents of Jammu and Kashmir.  He said that if the administration is clean let them come with a white paper. Indicating particulars of those who are not state subjects, yet they got the Domicile of J&K.

Common people both in Jammu and Kashmir regions have questioned the speed of the issuance of the domicile certificates by the authorities while their pressing needs were being ignored by the administration taking cover under Covid lockdown.

Many residents in Srinagar have expressed their doubts about the speed of issuance of these certificates and said that despite having approached the administration for the pressing demands, they got no response. In many important matters, bureaucrats have reportedly told them that due to the current pandemic they cannot address such problems.

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