Ladakh Standoff

Ladakh Standoff

People living in Ladakh region have been suffering on multiple fronts due to the standoff between Indian and Chinese armies and also due to the growing cases of Covid-19.

As the war clouds are hovering over their heads with each passing day it seems that situation will not normalize very soon. Additional troops are being deployed in the entire Ladakh region ahead of winter months sending signals to the common people that the winter months would be more harsh on all fronts.

The standoff on LAC between Indian and Chinese armies has restricted the movement of common people especially in those villages which are close to the border.

 In such a situation, people of Ladakh have a lot of problems and due to the growing confrontation between the armies of India and Pakistan is only making their life more tough.

They have a lot of fears about the winter months as this region remains cutoff for six months of winter. People have a lot of worries especially on the health front as they feel that in the coming winter months they would be in need of a lot of oxygen cylinders due to the growing covid cases.

Common people have shown a lot of patience in these months of summer as they are without business due to no tourism in the region. Tourist footfall is zero in this area and it has added to their economic problems also.

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