Kashmiri Officer Helps Civil Service Aspirants With Free Video Lectures in the Valley

Kashmiri Officer Helps Civil Service Aspirants With Free Video Lectures in the Valley

A young Kashmiri officer has collected the video lectures of UPSC and State civil service competitive examinations from Delhi and Mumbai and is offering them free of cost to the needy students in the valley.

Irfan Rashid, who is working as Public Relations Officer (PRO) in Power System Operation Corporation (POSOCO), has requested NGOs, civil society members, educational institutions and responsible persons to take the video lectures from him and help it percolate to the remotest corners.

“Initially, I had asked few students to come to me personally and collect them but after my post was shared in few student groups, I received many messages from students asking to share with them, which is impossible for me to do single-handedly. So I request interested parties to help students in this regard. So far one NGO Ehsaas International from Srinagar and Base Academy from Budgam came forward, but I want NGOs or people from every district and tehsil to come forward and help the underprivileged students.”

Earlier, he had shared the post on social media which read: “Lack of access to resources should never become a cause for your failure. The majority of the aspirants can’t afford Rs 1.5 lakhs for General Studies coaching, Rs 50,000 for optional, Rs 2 lakhs for rent & food for a year in Delhi.”

“As part of #GiveBackToSociety campaign, I have collected all the above classes’ lectures (200GB) from many friends in Delhi/Mumbai and am ready to share them with the NEEDY students who can’t afford Rs 4 lakhs for UPSC/IAS coaching in Delhi.”

Irfan had asked students to collect it and share it further with other students in their villages so that it reaches every needy student in every corner of Kashmir.

Irfan Rashid was previously working as a journalist before qualifying UGC JRF and subsequently joined Ministry of Power’s POSOCO.


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