All the mainstream political parties of Jammu and Kashmir are trying their best to remain relevant here post abrogation of article 370. As the political activities have frozen for all of them and only the BJP and some ground level political workers have been allowed to go freely has reinforced the fears among them that the central government will not keep them free.

From Abdullah’s to Mufti’s to Sajad Gani Lone all mainstream political leaders of Kashmir are trying to keep themselves relevant in Kashmir by trying to distance themselves from New Delhi and trying to fill the space of separatists who are silent post abrogation of article 370.

Farooq Abdullah has travelled a distance from saying that he will rot all separatists in jail to protesting against the fake encounter of Shopian and alleged custodial killing at Sopore outside the parliament with placards in his hands showing the pictures of victims. He protested also for the restoration of article 370, and said that without giving back the special status to the people of Kashmir there can be no peace.

Recently Farooq Abdullah in an interview said that Kashmiri people do not feel and do not want to be Indian. He even went as far to say that they would rather be ruled by the Chinese, he repeated it and said that seriously people of Kashmir no longer believe New Delhi.

In such a scenario, it is a challenge for the lone mainstream political party which is regarded to be close to BJP to do the political activities in Kashmir. Recently its chief Altaf Bukhari told the media that the parties like NC and PDP were trying to hoodwink the people of Kashmir by saying that they will struggle for the restoration of article 370.

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