Mainstream political parties in Kashmir have growing concern about their relevance and about how the central government is going to keep them in the future realm of politics.

There is a feeling in the former ministers and lawmakers that it is very difficult for them to convince people about the future relationship in New Delhi.

Recently former minister and BJP ally Sajad Gani Lone in an interview and his blog said that New Delhi will repent on its decision to snatch the special status of people of Jammu and Kashmir.

He said that it was unfortunate that the central government and their supporters celebrated the snatching of rights of Kashmiris as a victory. “Victory against whom. Whom have they vanquished? Are they at war with Kashmiris? Are they not their own people? Mark my words. August 5 did not end on August 5. It will be a long, long day spanning over years,” he said.

Farooq Abdullah sensing trouble on the ground and understanding anger within the hearts of youth told his interviewer, “Kashmiris are slaves and treated like second class citizens”.

He said that new domicile law was, “intended to flood the Valley with Hindus and create a Hindu majority”. Farooq and his son Omar Abdullah know that only a united platform by the mainstream leaders will be an answer to the “onslaught of BJP in Kashmir”.

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