Growing problem

Growing problem

As soon as the Jammu region saw a surge in the covid-19 infections, media as well as different wings of the government have become very active to highlight such cases.

It is good on the part of the media to report the negligence deaths in Jammu region especially in Jammu city but the same media has been silent over the similar deaths in Kashmir.

Kashmir has seen a lot of problems for the covid patients and their families. Many of such families told the media in Kashmir that they did not even get the required medicines, not to speak of oxygen support and ventilators.

As reported already most of the ventilators sent by the central government for Jammu and Kashmir due to the surge in covid-19 infections are not operational.

Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir has a huge problem that they do not have the required trained doctors and paramedical staff to make these hundreds of ventilators operational.

Such problems have been ignored from the past six months by the administration as they were busy in their lockdown policy as they blocked the localities as zones for the covid infection without making the hospitals operational to cater covid patients.

In Jammu region the problem has become very acute as they say a surge in the Covid patients suddenly in the past few weeks not knowing how to handle the situation.

Perhaps the people of Jammu are not used to such treatment by the doctors and paramedical staff as the ill treatment has become a routine in Kashmir valley with no one taking any notice of negligence deaths in hospitals here.

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