How to move ahead?

How to move ahead?

Mainstream political parties of Jammu and Kashmir minus BJP have to chalk out a joint strategy of how to move ahead in order to fight for the restoration of special status of Jammu and Kashmir.

In this direction, recently some of the parties have indicated that apart from their earlier stand to take this fight to the Supreme Court, they will fight it politically on the turf with their all force and in a united manner.

Mainstream political parties who have recently decided to stand by the Gupkar declaration to fight for the restoration of article 370 are seriously mulling to fight it politically in Kashmir valley rather than in the Supreme Court where there are many writ petitions pending challenging the August 5, 2019, parliament decision to strip Jammu and Kashmir of its special status and downgrading the erstwhile state into two union territories of Ladakh and J&K.

The reasons for such thinking have sprouted from the recent developments including the 4G writ petition in Supreme Court and the recent assurance to the Ladakh delegation by the Union Home Minister that they will get new laws protecting their land and jobs on the pattern of article 370.

When the people of Ladakh by a simple threat of agitation can bend the Union Home Ministry to make a law for them similar to article 370 people of Jammu and Kashmir have a question for New Delhi why the article has been removed then.

If it is to be restored why resort to cherry picking by giving special status back to Ladakh and deny the people of Jammu and Kashmir even their basic right like right to internet.

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