There is growing trouble in Ladakh region not only in Leh but also in Kargil due to the recent assurances for the sixth schedule given by the Union Government to the delegation from Leh.

These assurances to Ladakh delegation by Union Home Minister for preserving their identity has forced even J&K Apni Party which is regarded close to centre in Kashmir to come out in open asking the centre to pass a law for the people of Jammu and Kashmir to safeguard their land and jobs.

Recent media reports from Jammu have angered further all the mainstream political parties in Jammu and Kashmir when BJP came out with the statement saying that its leaders have been distributing domicile certificates in many areas of Jammu region to the needy people.

Sharp reactions came from many quarters in Jammu and also from Kashmir when many leaders questioned the administration for delegating their powers to the local BJP leaders for the issuance of domicile certificates.

Domicile certificates are a big issue in Jammu and Kashmir as most of the political parties are regarding this move of the central government as a plan to change the demography of the place.

Even the mainstream political parties like National Conference and PDP have blamed the central govenremnt for trying to make Muslim majority Jammu and Kashmir as a Hindu majority region.

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