Even in pandemic traffic police take bikes from Polo View

Even in pandemic traffic police take bikes from Polo View

By: Muzammil Bhat


Even when most of the youth are struggling to get jobs in the private sector and come on their motorbikes to Polo View area for such searches, traffic police came with private hired vehicles to pick up all the motorbikes from the Polo View area much to the surprise of these youth.

“We have no pocket money. I have even no money to recharge my phone. How can I pay a fine of Rs 500 to traffic police to release my bike. They are harassing us as we are now without any job”, said one of the youth who was pleading with traffic cops to get his back even as he reached on the spot.

Most of the youth alleged that traffic cops were harassing them all the time in the Polo View area and because of these private pick up vehicles hired by them they unnecessarily take the bikes to the traffic department and force the youth to pay the fine.

Traffic police have been very active in the past three weeks and even the passengers vehicles have alleged that they were being fined on many routes by the traffic cops while the government knows that they have been without any sustenance for the past six months due to the covid lockdown.

Drivers and owners of Tata Sumo vehicles have already appealed LG Manoj Sinha to save them from the harassment of traffic cops and issue orders that these passenger vehicles should not be fined for at least six months as they have not been able to complete their papers due to the lockdown.

Youth at Polo View were very angry with the traffic police department and appealed to higher authorities to probe how they were collecting huge money from innocent youth by fining them on the roads even as very little traffic was plying.

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