On new path

On new path

National Conference, PDP and People’s Conference in the recent past have shown a collective resolve to fight back August 5, 2019 happenings with Jammu and Kashmir.

All these mainstream political parties have said people of Jammu and Kashmir cannot be silenced forever by keeping additional forces on every lane and bylane of Kashmir valley.

They have said that time has come for them to start a political fight against the snatching of rights including the special status of jammu and Kashmir by the BJP government.

Farooq Abdullah recently said that even the promises of huge development and employment opportunities for the youth of Jammu and Kashmir have fallen flat in the past one year as the centre has failed to restore even the order not to speak of trust on the streets of Kashmir.

Farooq said that only the restoration of article 370, is the solution to the current problems in Jammu and Kashmir and said that unless such thinking does not develop in the BJP government at New Delhi there can be no peace in Kashmir valley.

He even advocated talks with Pakistan and said during the monsoon session of parliament held recently that if New Delhi can talk to China to resolve the Ladakh standoff why not to talk to the western neighbor to get peace for the border areas of Jammu and Kashmir.

He questioned the wisdom of New Delhi of delaying talks with Pakistan and said that the brunt of the hostility is being borne by the people of border areas as many of them have been killed and dozens injured in the cross border shelling.

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