Frequent traffic jams in Srinagar irk people

Frequent traffic jams in Srinagar irk people

By: Shayib Bhat MK


Frequent traffic jams on Monday irked people of Srinagar forcing them to remain on the streets in their vehicles for more than half an hour.

This afternoon, at Polo View market a huge traffic jam was finally cleared by the traffic cops by taking away some wrongly parked vehicles on the road.

Black topping on the airport road especially near Barzulla has also resulted in traffic jams while people have questioned the wisdom of authorities to go for such huge spending of money for the black topping of the roads when the autumn season comes to an end.

Many people who were stranded on the roads told this reporter why they could not go for black topping of roads during the summers when the lockdown was in force and such black topping would have withstood the winters.

Traffic jams in Srinagar city is a routine now as the people have to come out from their homes to get the essential items and many of them have to leave for Jammu with Darbar move.

Many shopkeepers and traders of Polo View blamed the traffic authorities for the frequent traffic jams and blamed them for trying to hook the vehicles in order to get fine from them and make money as the vehicles employed to carry these operations belong to some private players.

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