Zojila tunnel

Zojila tunnel

Srinagar-Leh highway has the biggest roadblock for the winters as a Zojila tunnel gets closed due to the heavy snowfall in Sonmarg valley area. This tunnel will now become a fair weather tunnel when the contractors will complete the project though it is a difficult hilly work which has been left half way by many contractors in the past.

The government has been trying its best in the past 15 years to complete the Zojila tunnel project as it is last hurdle to make Srinagar-Leh highway all year connected.

Recently Union Minister for Roads and Transport Natin Gadkari not only gave orders for the work but also said that it would be completed ahead of scheduled time given to the contractors.

It is a challenging task for any contracting company to complete the work on such a tunnel but the confidence shown by the Union Minister is a remainder of the resolve by the central government to complete such difficult border area projects.

People of Ladakh region will be more than happy when the project will be completed as it would be a game changer for their socio economic development.

When the road will remain open throughout the year there would be no shortage of essential items as the government has to keep the supplies dumped for six months of winters for the residents of Ladakh region.

The Zojila tunnel is more important for the people of Ladakh region and it is equally important for the army as they remain cut off for more than six months as heavy snowfall is only cleared after the spring season.

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