Farooq in focus

Farooq in focus

Farooq Abdullah is emerging as the main face of resistance against New Delhi and their moves to disempower the people of jammu and Kashmir. Though the government of India is maintaining that the clock cannot be reversed but they are being questioned how they are promising special status and safeguards to the people of Ladakh region and denying the same to the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

Farooq Abdullah was summoned by ED in their Rajbagh office and was grilled for 7 hours, it created a political storm in Kashmir valley with all political leaders and parties rallying behind him and saying that it was a witch-hunt.

Both Farooq Abdullah and all the signatories of the Gupkar declaration believe that New Delhi is rattled by the unity of Kashmiri leadership to fight against the August 5, 2019 decisions.

It is in this backdrop that Mehbooba Mufti has tweeted that it reeks of political vendetta as the government is feeling nervousness by the unity of Kashmiri leadership. Farooq Abdullah while talking to the media after the ED interrogation said that the struggle for the restoration of article 370 will continue even if he is hanged.

He tried to delink his grilling by ED from the recent making of people’s alliance for Gupkar declaration and said that he has no comments on this connectivity. Farooq Abdullah is emerging as the main unity factor and the central government is trying its best to look for ways and means so that people of Jammu and Kashmir will feel that abrogation of article 370 was for their benefits and was only for road block to their developments.

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