Centre compelling us to quit politics: Omar Abdullah

Centre compelling us to quit politics: Omar Abdullah

Former chief minister and National Conference (NC) Omar Abdullah Thursday lashed out at the Government of India for “criminalizing dissent and branding those seeking protection of their honor and integrity as anti-nationals.”
He accused the Centre of compelling the mainstream politicians of J&K to quit Politics.
He said this during his address to party workers in a function at Nawa-e-Subha here.
He asked the central government to come clear what they are seeking from us. “The government has started coercing us through various means so that we could call a day to the mainstream politics,” he said, as per KNS correspondent.

He said ground situation has changed a lot since August 05 last year have changed the ground situation. “ last year, we were eyeing on elections and now we are fighting for our rights,” he said.

Omar also stated that the leaders have joined hands to fight in unions but it is unfortunate that those who raise their voices for their identity and other rights are being termed as anti-nationals. “The government while abrogating the special status claimed that the decision was taken for the integration of Jammu and Kashmir with the union of India. However, the fresh decision on land law has put a question mark over the claims,” he added.

“Delhi left no stone unturned to weaken and divide the mainstream political parties in Jammu and Kashmir. We (mainstream parties) remain busy in opposing each other till last year. As our voices got weaker, the government succeeded in their plans and snatched our identity. We have joined our hands now. But, I wish this alliance among the mainstream parties would have been forged a couple for years back,” he added. “Had this alliance take place a few years back, the situation could have been different,” Omar said.

He said August 5 decesion taken last year has forced mainstream parties to join hands.
“Today, I am not counting seats as this fight is not for the power. (lanat hai hum par agar in haalat mein aaj bhi hum kursi ke liye lad rahe hai’ (Shame on those who fight for petty power amid ongoing tumultuous situation).”
He said people will never forget the leaders if they keep eyeing on the secretariat and the power.

Regarding the repealing of land law, Omar questioned “ if nobody can buy land in Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and many other States of the country, but here in Jammu and Kashmir, the rich section has been given open land to throw people of J&K out. Amid this situation, they are expecting silence from us, which is not possible. We will fight and are not ready to lose it. I don’t know how long this fight will continue, but will fight it tooth and nail.”

“We are being tagged as anti-national for fighting for our rights. I must recall the role played by Maqbool Sherwani, who under this (NC) flag played a pivotal role in 1947,” he said.

He also said that whatever has been snatched from J&K people, was mentioned in the constitution, adding that it was the Maharaja Hari Singh, who granted special status to Jammu and Kashmir and the government has demolished the constitution and those who are fighting constitutional rights are being tagged as anti-nationals.

“In Nagaland, leaders have clearly rejected Indian constitution, flag and sovereignty, but despite this, talks are being held with them. But, when people in Jammu and Kashmir are raising voice for their identity, land and other rights, you are tagging them as anti-nationals,” he added.

About today’s protest by PDP against land law, he said the party leaders in Jammu were allowed to carry out a protest rally yesterday but in Kashmir the leaders from same party were detained(KNS)

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