Farooq is the face

Farooq is the face

Farooq Abdullah soon after elected as head of the people’s alliance, tried to distance himself from the separatist politics, and said that their fight is only for the restoration of article 370 and he will use all the peaceful means available under constitution in this fight.

Farooq Abdullah is not only an MP from Srinagar but has remained in the Union Cabinet apart from being five time Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir. He is heading one of the biggest mainstream political organizations of the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir and having its footprints in Jammu and Ladakh also.

Farooq Abdullah is a towering politician with experience and has decided to take this fight on the street but in a peaceful manner. He has been able to bring unity among most of the mainstream political parties on this issue of restoration of article 370.

People’s alliance for Gupkar declaration has taken a formal shape and has a party structure now along with the flag. They have chosen the erstwhile state flag of Jammu and Kashmir as the party flag and have pledged that they will not contest any election unless the government of India will not restore article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir.

After the abrogation of article 370 on August 5, 2019, the central government has downgraded the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir into union territory of JK and Ladakh.

This move of the central government could not get any opposition on the ground as the government launched a heavy clampdown including the detention of all mainstream political leaders along with separatists after the abrogation.

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