Jammu on boil

Jammu on boil

People of Jammu have started realizing like the people of Ladakh that they have nothing to rejoice post the abrogation of article 370. These two regions celebrated the abrogation of article 370 and were very happy that they would now get a better deal from the central government especially for their regional identity and jobs to the youth.

They were having preconceived notions about Kashmir and have a perception that the people of Kashmir post 1947 have ruled them and have not given them a fair share from the budgets so far.

When the central government decided to downgrade the state into two union territories of JK and Ladakh, instead of protesting for getting such a treatment from the BJP government they celebrated this decision of parliament both in Jammu city and Leh.

It took them more than a year to understand the impact of this decision on their own lives. People of Jammu got the same treatment as the people of valley after the heavy clampdown by New Delhi to keep people indoors and not allow protests.

Business community suffered heavily both in Leh and Jammu post abrogation of article 370 and all their hopes that they will live a better life with direct control of Delhi proved a mirage.

People of Jammu have recently protested against the new land laws by virtue of which, now land can be purchased anywhere in the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir by any other citizen of the country. The protest in Jammu is an indicator that Jammu can be on the boil if the government will not intervene and try to understand their feelings and also their hopes with the central government.

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