Kargil calling

Kargil calling

United leadership of Kargil with the support of their religious organizations has given their support to the People’s Alliance for Gupkar Declaration and has decided to be the part of all the future political programmes which would be given from Srinagar.

This is not good news for Leh as they were waiting for the central government to keep their promise to provide the people of union territory of Ladakh with the safeguards for their land and jobs.

They even made a united political platform along with the local BJP leaders and decided to boycott the LAHDC election unless the union government would not come with the notification about the safeguarding of their special status. This threat was followed by a meeting with Union Home Minister Amit who assured them that after the LAHDC elections Ladakh will get more safeguards for the protection of their identity then they are demanding.

Now the Kargil has decided to be the part of Kashmir and not that of Leh in the future political struggle and it has definitely made the people of Leh and Nubra more anxious and angry. This will result in delay in any decision to be taken by the Union Home Ministry about the union territory of Ladakh as for this purpose there should be a united voice from Ladakh and the division will delay all the promises of Union Government.

Kargil is waiting for the political struggle to start and they have decided to provide all support to the Kashmir leadership. They want the erstwhile J&K State as a single unit and have rejected the recent moves of Leh to get special status for land and jobs.

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